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Friday, October 21, 2011

A surprise can make a day brighter.

Yesterday I had a usual workday, but at the high school where I was heading, there was to be an assembly.  The new commissioner of education was supposedly bestowing some kind of award on the school for "excellence."  Well, I know we are excellent, but darn, why did this have to occur on the one day of the week that I head there?  This will certainly effect the entire day's schedule....

I left the house early, assuming that parking would be a problem.  It was!  No itinerant spaces were available.  I had to go around the back of the school, then drag my rolling bag, a lunch bag, two canvas bags holding language tests that I might need, and my purse to the front door.   In the misting rain. 

Okay, I was there early, and feeling a sense of responsibility to know what the heck we are actually getting "recognized" for, I went up to the class where my first student would be.  My plan was to sit with the students, watching the assembly on closed-circuit TV.  (Primarily Juniors and Seniors would be attending due to space issues.) 

Lucky for me, I started taking notes so that I could tell hubby a few things about the assembly.

We met the new commissioner, were introduced to board of education members, town council members, and of course heard from the school principal and superintendent.

The concert choir sang a beautiful piece.

Then we heard from a woman.  She had come all the way from California. 

Something was a little weird about this assembly.  It started to have a game-show quality as she informed us that the Milken Family Foundation wanted to give one of our teachers an award.  A monetary award.  A pretty good one, too!

The teacher was called down.  A science teacher.  I'm not familiar with him, and I'm sure he's well deserving of the award.  BUT....

Even he didn't know about it!!!

I sure was glad I took notes.  After everything was over, I discussed with my student the main idea and details of what happened.  In the short amount of time that we had, we created a word document of information that she could bring home to show her mom. 

I wound up giving these sheets to all my students.  Nothing better than a speech-language pathologist fostering family communication!

A day with an anticipated pain in the neck assembly turned into a sparkle in my heart.

Best wishes to all of the Milken Family Foundation winners!