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Please note: If you have a family member who requires a gluten free diet, be sure to use a cast iron skillet that has never previously touched gluten....and if it has, scrub it all down completely and re-season, to be on the safe side.

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Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Pancakes and Sausage for Dinner

I know, I haven't been posting like I used to.  Let's just say "I have a lot on my plate" lately.  

John is home for the summer.  I am blessed with an awesome family. 

He suggested pancakes for dinner tonight.  Naturally, I cooked them in the 12" cast iron skillet.  Since I keep my skillets gluten free at all times, they are the safest.  My electric griddle is used to make other items not suited for a GF person.....and little crumbs can easily get caught up in it. 

I started by putting these frozen sausages into the pan as it pre-heated:

Low-fat as well as gluten free!

I used this pancake mix:

We always liked King Arthur.....

I didn't even bother to add oil to the mix.  I eyeballed it for whatever amount of mix was left in the box.  By the time my eggs and milk were mixed in, it didn't look like it needed any more liquid. 

Here's how they came out:

They tasted GREAT. 

We like to top pancakes with applesauce and then a touch of real maple syrup from Vermont. 

There were two pancakes left in the end, which John will have for breakfast tomorrow morning.